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Spa Services

In the Crowne Plaza Spa we offer a pleasant time spent relaxing the senses and purification of body and mind . Providing total wellness experience in expert hands.

Chocolate Wrap Treatment

Excellent body treatment with exfoliation, a mask of chocalate providing softness , nutrition and antioxidant action applies . With thermal envelope , for better utilization of treatment and during the time of a skull -facial pose highly relaxing massage , followed by hydrotherapy jets and sealed with a chocolate body cream is made.

Reflexología Podal

Massage that works in every organ of the body by stimulating its proper functioning. Followed by an exfoliation to remove dead cells , sealing with a moisturizing mask , leaving her soft feet.

Wellness Express

Crowne massage of 30 minutes. Combination of different techniques that give you relaxing and revitalizing benefits improving your blood circulation. The facial consist in the application of an exfoliating foam to remove dead cells and a purifying mask, sealing with a moisturizing tonic.

Wine Therapy for two

Body scrub followed by a wine wrap to give softness nutrition and antioxidant action. With thermal envelope , with relaxing whirlpool with a glass of wine.